You have to want succeed as badly as you want to breathe. Only then will you have success.


Prop: Talk - Cosplayers, Photgraphers, & Copyrights by Bill Doran

If you’re a cosplayer who has photos taken of you or a photographer who takes photos of cosplayers, watch this.

Whenever I watch a video tutorial that uses text on screen instead of someone talking I feel like I’m just yelling at a mime because I get so aggravated. They’re always using that fucking notepad program.

Oh man I just took a nap and passed the fuck out. I dreamed how the Earth was invaded by an alien race. They were the four legged monster looking type. I think they spewed fire? I don’t remember. Probably not. But the human resistance HQ was in Boston. And one guy was talking about all the great battles, like one man and a group of other guys had a big fight in the desert head to head with them, and of course the initial invasion. Another man said something about not calling him Captain/Sir because everyone wore uniforms or something? I guess people scavenged old uniforms and gear from the Army. Man, I should go to Hollywood with this.

Do not watch Equilibrium with Christian Bale. Save yourself. I was already in too deep to stop. I repeat, avoid at all costs. The dog dies, all the dogs die.


Music can save your life!

Vine by: Piques

I made a quesadilla for the first time. I made it with provolone and salami. It tastes great…except I fucking burned it. I managed to burn an extremely simple recipe.

Did I forget to tell you guys how quality my cape is? It’s the one thing I’m proud of.

Gamer sex tip #30


While you and your partner are getting it on, begin crying. Continue crying until they stop and turn on a light. Once they’ve done that, let out a shrill scream and incapacitate your partner. They’ve startled the witch.