You have to want succeed as badly as you want to breathe. Only then will you have success.


Anybody play TF2? I’m a killer Pyro and a decent Spy.

Have you guys actually WATCHED Pingu? I’m laughing more than I should.

Which one am I supposed to watch first?

Which one am I supposed to watch first?

Lately my dad has been taking the bars of soap that are almost gone, but still has enough to use up, and shoving them in the corner of the shower. Today made it three bars of soap. So what did I do? I balled them up together and placed it on top of the new bar. Use the fucking soap up dad.

"Looks for metabolism slowing pill/supplement"
"Just eat more food, force feed. You’re not eating enough."

Thanks for the useless info. But I don’t want to eat until I feel sick.


All of a sudden I have 2 new followers. I was not notified of this. Also I appreciate all my followers very much <3 You give me the power to say “Poo” and all of you see it. I may be mad with power.

I finished Princess Jellyfish. I want more. I NEED more.